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steel_day_10 Acomplia Dosage, Thank you to everyone who made our 2nd annual AISC Steel Day 2010 event a great success. With over 175 people who signed up our guests included a combination of students, purchase Acomplia online no prescription, Herbal Acomplia, contractors, engineers, buy Acomplia without a prescription, Acomplia natural, architects and B&B clients.

With Education the focus of this year’s presentation we were pleased to have the following schools attend:

George Washington University
University of Delaware
Catholic University
Carroll County Career & Technology Center

Demonstrations of the following equipment was on going throughout the day:

-FPB 1800 Plate Machine: Paper weight samples were given away while visitors observed production, order Acomplia no prescription. Taking Acomplia, -Ercolina Pipe Bender: “Pretzels” of 1 ¼” round pipe were produced before visitor’s eyes.

-Stud Welding: Examples of threaded and headed studs were demonstrated, Acomplia without prescription.

-Pulsed Mig Welding: Welding of deformed rods were welded to embed plates, Acomplia Dosage. Acomplia canada, mexico, india, -Angle Master: Clip angles were stamped, punched and sheared, Acomplia street price. Acomplia from mexico, -Beamline & Coping Machine: In tandem run by same operator.

-Camber Machine: University of Delaware students had discussed in class the day before, Acomplia brand name. Purchase Acomplia online, -Material Handling System: Complete “hands off” movement of material from punching to fit up station. Acomplia Dosage, -Flux Core Mig Welding

-Skidmore Wilhelm Tension Calibrator & Bolt Installation: Many students found out the difference between snug tight and fully tensioned values of tension using TC bolts.

For all that sign up for Certificates of Attendance please follow this procedure:

1, where can i order Acomplia without prescription. Buy Acomplia without prescription, You had to sign our sign-in-sheet and it had to be legible.

2, Acomplia images. You need to visit after the event to fill in a form requesting your certificate.

We also had vendors on hand demonstrating their wears.

Deck attachment by .22 cal shot pins - state of the art deck side lap screw driver - various concrete anchors.

Valley National Gases

Alliance Material Handling/Combilift
6000# & 10,000# lift trucks on site for demos.

2011 SteelDay Event
Friday, September 23, 2011

To see more photos, from the event click here.


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P1010132 Lasix Dosage, An Extreme Makeover-Home Edition staff person called on our mobile phone, after having been referred by a customer for whom we fabricated and installed galvanized exit stairs and AESS canopy steel last year, to see if we were inclined to do the steel work for an area project beginning July 9th and presenting July 16th. Lasix wiki, Our yearly company wide shutdown was to occur July 2nd thru July 12th and we were involved in “an extreme makeover B&B style” P1010133for one of our regular customers that was to culminate the weekend of July 17-18 with the removal of a 50’x80’ section of existing roof to accommodate two new air handling units. The home makeover would have to proceed with out us, Lasix mg. Lasix coupon, Our customer needed to convert single story office/warehouse space into a manufacturing facility requiring a significant mechanical upgrade to support that new usage. The existing joist roof system was not capable of supporting all the new process piping and duct work so new structural framing was installed underneath the roof to meet that need, order Lasix no prescription. A lattice work of steel framing inter connected between masonry walls and existing columns, Lasix Dosage. Lasix price, coupon, (The project manager for the end user likened our task to that of building a ship in a bottle).

The only access into the building was via a loading dock so the 87 tons of steel were off loaded from our trucks using a Combilift, cheap Lasix no rx, Buy Lasix no prescription, driven laterally into the loading dock and then transferred to another Combilift waiting up on the dock which then maneuvered its way into the erection area laden with each load. The Combilift’s unique movement expedited the setting of pipe rack steel, what is Lasix, Buy generic Lasix, which was on the critical path, and even facilitated placing bundles of pipe aloft for the pipe fitters, Lasix reviews. Get Lasix, P1010138

Preparatory to removing the roof we loaded all the new steel for the core/AHU framing into the core area of the building so the 200 ton crane, after lifting out the four sections of old roof, Lasix schedule, Lasix results, could begin lifting the new steel from within the core area without a lot of unnecessary swinging.

After 13 hours on Saturday the four old roof sections (25’x40’) had been dismantled and loaded onto a truck for recycling and over half of the 38 tons of columns, order Lasix from mexican pharmacy, Comprar en línea Lasix, comprar Lasix baratos, beams, and vertical bracing for the new core roof area/AHU support steel had been erected. Another 12 hours the next day and the B&B AND COASTAL CRANE crew walked away from that “shipbuilding job in the bottle” having met the schedule, impressed the on lookers with its prowess, P1010002and a core area ready to receive new air handlers the following weekend.

B&B’s in house detailing enabled the presentation of a 3D isometric and advanced bill of material at bid time that gave the purchasing agent and owner’s project manager a feeling that the critical path steel would best be supplied by B&B.

To see more photos, click here.


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car1 Acomplia Price, While modeling a job early one morning in May I heard what sounded like an explosion at the nearby steel mill and I hoped no one was hurt. A half hour later into my office walked Jimmy Grasso, Acomplia dosage, Order Acomplia online c.o.d, one of our customers that frequently pops in to say hello. Bronco riding and bull riding are two avocations in which this Dundalk boy has excelled, Acomplia photos, Acomplia reviews, but today his visit was to use our facility as a backdrop for a photo shoot of his newest avocation, a 1200 hp, Acomplia no prescription, Acomplia duration, 1969 Sting Ray Corvette. Through Ralph Eisenhuth, Acomplia class, Acomplia online cod, our production foreman, he arranged for the photographer, where can i buy Acomplia online, Where can i find Acomplia online, John Machaquiero, to meet him here, Acomplia dose. Acomplia interactions, —Dennis McCartney


A note from the photographer — John Machaqueiro

The use of the B&B Welding facility came about as a result of preliminary conversations with Jimmy Grasso with regards to finding a location to shoot his car. I asked him about industrial settings, rock quarries, etc..., Acomplia Price. places that are visually interesting, Acomplia no rx. Acomplia steet value, Car photography isn’t just about a car, its about everything that fills the frame, buy cheap Acomplia. Many photographers will just park a car in front of some trees and be satisfied. I am not, I strive to create images that are compelling and visually interesting with a certain edge, which the B&B facility allowed me to do. Acomplia Price, It was great that Jimmy knew you guys and you were great at making your facility available to us to do this.

Jimmy’s car I believe is supposed to show up in the December issue of Vette magazine. He has been contacted and they have apparently already interviewed him. Once that happens, it means that the story and photos have gone into production. I think his car will be in the premiere issue of the revamped Vette publication. It would actually be great if it was on the cover.

To see more photos, click here..

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